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We are a leading venture capital firm with in-depth knowledge & custom-built investment solutions for businesses based on blockchain technology and digital currency. With full transparency and zero lock-in, we go the extra mile and outperform market development services in Middle East & Africa.

Since 2020, we have accomplished 60+ financial investment projects and are endeavoring to achieve more. To accelerate blockchain adoption, we are focusing on developing the next generation of infrastructure companies. Thus, to create world-changing businesses, we put together visionary innovations, outstanding talent and venture capital.

Evaluation Based Value Investments

We value teams, business models and game-changing technology developments for value investment

Financing by a venture capital investor can help your business get off to the best possible start on its high-growth journey. At Phoenix VC, we aim to optimize upside and minimize risk in the thriving asset class by offering financial tools and a transparent legal framework, avoiding possible risks associated with digital currency investments.

We invest in companies building their businesses at the blockchain protocol & infrastructure level. This could include exchanges and asset transfer protocols, stable coins, smart contract platforms, digital currencies and utility tokens for high growth industries. By seeking legal advice from the best legal parties, we create a tailor-made legal framework that is fully compliant with current regulations.

We believe that blockchain technology will lead to drastic changes in the way we interact with consumers, organizations and government. There can be fundamental changes in perceiving the concept of ownership of data and task allocations underpinned by the principle of decentralization. We evaluate the projects with technical expertise—analyzing the market and technology fit.

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